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To the world I’m known as the Anti-therapist, to my 1:1 clients I’m known as the fixer. You know how the people at the top are the ones who are supposed to have all the answers? I’m the one who those people ask questions to.

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Ever wonder what people really think of you?
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Ever wonder what people really think of you? I’m talking the raw, honest truth. There’s no way you will ever know the truth…until now.

The RAM 360 Quiz offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into how you show up across all aspects of your life- romantic, personal, professional, friendships, and family dynamics. Let’s face it, we don’t show up in the exact same way in each of these areas.

This quiz is a powerful tool

for self-awareness and understanding the dynamics of your relationships, knowledge that will not only serve you always, it gives you an unfair advantage.

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The 5 Relationship Pillars

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Here is where you identify the patterns and behaviors developed throughout your life which ultimately impacts how you build & maintain relationships across 5 key pillars: Self, Family, Friends, Professional & Romance.

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The Anti Therapist

In a world saturated with self-help clichés and cookie-cutter therapy practices, Diana Mandell, the self-proclaimed "Anti-Therapist," challenges the “dirty bath water” approach of sitting in one's problems and advocates for a proactive approach that sparks real change. Unlike traditional therapy, which often dwells on past traumas, Diana's approach focuses on creating solutions that propel individuals toward a future of limitless possibilities. Looking for authenticity and a no-nonsense approach?

Let's identify the emotional patterns affecting your relationships and growth today!

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