Why love is possible for you

Love is possible.

Several people contact me through email daily with long messages of heartbreak, rejection and unrequited love.
I can feel their pain and anger through the computer and it actually guts me not only because the situation is causing this person so much pain but that it literally eats at them daily and causes them to question whether love is possible.

It’s a happiness killer.

Holding so much anger, bitterness and pain in your heart for someone else doesn’t make the situation better or resolve it, it doesn’t help you move forward, it doesn’t change the person or the situation, it doesn’t hurt the other person, it doesn’t do anything but destroy YOU.

Yes, YOU.

They have moved on with their life and you haven’t.

You are stuck on what they did to you, how they hurt you, how they took your heart right out of your chest and stomped on it with ease.

You are left picking up the shattered pieces to make sense of it all.

Where did it all go so wrong?
Why didn’t I see the red flags?
Why didn’t I listen to my gut?
Why didn’t I get out earlier?

Why didn’t they love me the way I deserve to be loved?

No, it’s not fair but you can and you will move on.

If anything, it allows you to love and appreciate someone else that much more.

Don’t give this person the satisfaction to lose all hope that you will never love again.

You can’t change them or the situation but you can absolutely change the future.

You will never forget but forgiving the other person as well as yourself will set you free.

These heavy chains that you are carrying, this horrible burden, it can melt away when you say the heaviness that you feel should go once and for all.

Until then, you will carry around this toxic crap that doesn’t serve you and it certainly doesn’t affect the person who hurt you whatsoever.

Not even a little.

Remember that..

..and please know this..

You are worthy of love.

So much love.

Real, true, meaningful love that lasts and gets better and better with time.

Give yourself the opportunity to allow someone else to love you unconditionally.

It’s the best gift we are given as human beings…to be truly loved.

Your next shot at love will be so different, if you allow it.

All you need is hope and a plan.

I’ve helped many clients bounce back after the darkest depths of heartbreak and excruciating pain.

You deserve to experience what true love feels like.

Don’t ever, ever let someone else rob you of that opportunity.

It’s time for you to open your heart again and do things differently to get a different outcome.
Your heart can heal and it will.

You will come back stronger with more clarity and understanding of yourself and others.

Your man/woman is out there thinking about the possibility of you right now.

The only way you can fail when it comes to love is if you give up.

Never, ever give up.

Love is possible.

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