The reason having respect for yourself is so important is because the lack of self worth can cause you to make unhealthy choices:

People pleasing


Accepting mistreatment

Staying in toxic relationships


Asking for permission

Settling for less than you deserve

Not making decisions

Avoiding constructive conversation

Becoming needy

Not setting boundaries

Second guessing yourself

Losing your identity

In order to not fall into this trap that so many of us do, you need to strengthen your mindset in order to have inner core confidence allowing you to raise your standards, value yourself fully and raise your standards. You show people how you expect and deserve to be treated.

When you stop putting energy into the stories that encourage your false, limiting beliefs and start owning your awesome, your standards begin to rise dramatically. You stand in your power and you never sell yourself short.

We take these limiting beliefs that we have:

“I’m not worth of love”

“I’m not attractive enough”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I have nothing to offer someone else”

We weave these fears into our identity and we define ourselves as these things and we internally punish and downgrade ourselves. It’s time to throw out this narrative and begin a new one that serves you and allows you to make healthy and aligned decisions for yourself.

When you believe these false, toxic thoughts, you attract what you tell your mind to believe. If your thoughts are “I’m not worthy of love” you’ll either not find love at all or you’ll attract someone who believes you’re not worthy of love either so you’ll be treated badly.

Practicing self-awareness allows you to identify when you’re not being very kind to yourself. Your thoughts about yourself should either be positive or productive/constructive, not bullying.

I want to remind you that your beliefs about yourself and who you are dictate your actions and your actions are what allow you to have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with not only yourself, but someone else.

You are important. You are unique. You are enough just how you are.

Implementing and maintaining your self worth must come from you, it’s an internal job. Don’t look for someone else to define who you are and give him or her the burden and power to make you feel good about yourself. That’s your responsibility.

When you begin to take responsibility for your life, when you stop caring so much what other people think and fill your life with what makes you happy, you naturally exude confidence. The more natural your confidence appears, the more comfortable, playful, flirty and good energy you’ll have and in turn, the more the attractive you’ll appear.