Stop waiting

One of the biggest mistakes people make in any area of life is waiting. 
We wait for the perfect opportunity. The perfect situation. The perfect partner. 

When it comes to the other people, we see how foolish this is. We can point out the obvious: other’s no such thing as perfection. And that’s even if there was, waiting for it does nothing- we have to go out and seek it. Put in the work to create it. 

But in our own lives, we wait. Because we don’t want to deal with a little short term discomfort for long term gain. 

How many hours of their lives do people waste waiting for the rain to stop, just to avoid getting wet? How much sooner will we get where we want to go if we STOP THAT?

No where is this worse than in areas of personal development. 

It’s said we only change when the pain of staying the same is too great. 

We voluntarily sit in near-misery to avoid making the changes we need to start healing and be happy. 

This is why SO many people have bad experiences with relationship counseling: couples wait until they’re in absolute CRISIS before seeking help. And by then, so much damage has been done, it’s often too late. 

What if you didn’t do that? 

What if you didn’t wait until things were broken beyond repair to seek help?

What if you didn’t wait until there was discussion of ending the relationship to see if you could fix it?

What if you started NOW- even if things are great? Especially if they’re great. What if you learn to keep them that way, and make them better?

Even better…what if you didn’t even wait until you were in a relationship?

Think about this: YOU make up 50% of any relationship you’re part of. 

You bring 50% of the experience, the skills, the roadblocks and the solutions. 

Why what to combine your 50% with someone else’s 50% to start working through some of these issues?

You can work on 100% of you NOW, so the 50% you bring to your next relationship is better, brighter and healthier. 

Step into the rain and get wet. Because you’ve got to do it eventually- and WAITING now means WASTING time later. 

Today, I want you to think about which area of your life will improve if you stop waiting and do the work NOW?

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