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Do you ever feel like you don’t have that “magic gene” that makes you ultra-attractive and confident around other singles?

Do your friends always seem to grab all the attention from while you stare into your drink?

Do the people you’re REALLY attracted to always see you as “just friends” while they pine after someone else?

You CAN be the one with the relationship everyone else is jealous of.

Whether we’re discussing your dating approach or attracting the right one, I help you identify the tools you didn’t even know you had to lead you to the right one.

I don’t offer tips, tricks or corny pick up lines that don’t work. I offer a realistic, modern and lasting approach which yields my clients amazing results.

I am committed to getting you the love life you have always wanted and deserve.

Our main focus is not solely on your love life. The foundation of my work pertains to your mindset. Your mind is like a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

You will become more confident, self aware and hopeful that you will find true love.

This transformation will not only change the course of your dating life, it will also improve other areas of your life- personal, social, financial, emotional and physical.

As we work together, you will gain immense clarity and no longer be confused, overwhelmed or intimidated by dating. You will have control over your dating life. I work with an open and creative but structured approach.

We create a realistic and personalized plan to help you find lasting love.

Our relationship is a partnership and I am committed to helping you reach your goals and find you the love of your life.

With me you’ll learn to…

Gain unshakable inner core confidence and a strong mindset

Explore and manage your fear relating to approach anxiety

Feel more fulfilled in your professional, personal and social life

Get clear on how to speak to potential partners so you never run out of things to say

Get a deeper understand of who you and the value you bring

How to generate powerful attract a high quality partner while still being authentically yourself

Mock dating, mock flirting and mock approaching to dial in your approach and comfortability

Meet more high quality singles to approach and date

“You cannot find what Diana does anywhere else. I dare you to try. Diana is a force to be recon with when it comes to dating. If it weren’t for her, I would still be single and making the same mistakes. You helped me find my soulmate and you have changed my life in more ways than you know.”
–Lyle M., Philadelphia, PA

Let’s make this happen together.

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