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Imagine Simply “Knowing What to Say & Do” Around Beautiful Women.

(It’s Practically Automatic with Diana’s Simple Training!)

Since you’re here, take a moment to go through this page. This is your missing link…

On this page I reveal something that has delivered hundreds of GREAT girlfriends to shy guys all over the world, and I’ve been forced (by law) to keep it top secret for years…

It’s not really as cloak and dagger as it may sound. See, I happen to be a licensed therapist, as well as a leading coach in the field of helping good guys Find Great Women.

Which leads to certain “unique situations” sometimes when it comes to client confidentiality, if you catch my meaning…

Not long ago though, the clouds parted, and the path to Your newfound success with women was opened up by one courageous man.

His name is Tom Burke.

According to him, he had made every single mistake in the book when it comes to women.

He had his stories he would tell himself about not being tall enough, or young enough, or rich enough to attract the type of woman he felt most attracted to.

He would do the same things he had seen work for his father, and even some of his friends from college.

He would be the one to pick up the pieces for many of his female friends when they would be mistreated by a “bad boy”…

Showering them with attention, affection, respect, and even lavish gifts..

Then he would stand utterly shocked when being placed firmly in the friend zone and passed over forever for any shot at all for romance.

When he first came to me, he would turn his head down and say..

“Why do I get passed over time after time for guys who treat women like playthings then dump them when they’ve had their fill?”

I pressed him for more..

“I have a hard time actually approaching women, and when I do, I get tongue tied and never know what to say.”

“More often than not, even when they DO give me their number, they never respond when I try to talk with them”

Or my personal favorite, this one…

“Diana, I’m a good guy, with good intentions, I want to treat a woman right. There just seems to be no place in the dating world for a real guy who just wants a real, loving relationship!”

Over the course of that fateful initial meeting, He revealed he thought he was “broken” and even considered driving off the side of a bridge to deal with the pain he was feeling.

I sat up, and in that exact moment, I KNEW what my life was going to be about.

It was at that moment that 2 great things happened..

  1. I told him with complete certainty that there IS an ocean of women out there who want the exact same thing and with my ‘system” he could find, meet, & KEEP the woman of his dreams.
  2. His response to that (which is why YOU should be VERY excited right about now) was…

“If You Can Do That For Me Diana, I Will Gladly Waive ALL Confidentiality From Our Sessions So You Can Write A Course That Can Help Others Find The Same Success I Did!”

The BEST Shortcut to Avoid Wasting Years of Your Life & Get the Girlfriend You Want Now…

What would it be like if:

Everywhere you went… and every woman you talked to, the “best you” was simply on tap, at the ready and fully present?

What if, whenever you met and interacted with a girl…you automatically said and did all the “right” things to make her attracted and want to be your girlfriend…

But you didn’t even think about it…

Because they just naturally flow from you while you’re simply being YOU?

The truth is, that’s all 100% possible. You have that ability within you right now.

My job is just to get all the “crap” out of the way so you never have to remember phony tactics or creepy “pickup lines” again.

I haven’t found any dating products or services on the Internet that help you pull out the natural attractive qualities already inside you.

So Finally, I created one.

It’s called…


Dating Classroom is a thriving community, and a Deadly Effective training resource for guys just like you.

Whether you are single, dating, divorced, or just trying to figure out how to approach women, You’re about to gain access to the support you need to become a boyfriend NO girl can resist.

…all for a tiny fraction of what you’d normally have to invest with me in one of my Advanced Dating Programs.

You can learn, hang out, network and mastermind with other guys like you, and get educated about confidence with women, and become the type of guy who makes girls chase him.

I’ve spent my entire career deciding what needed to go into Dating Classroom, and finally it’s what I believe to be…

The Ultimate Shortcut for Men to Become High Quality “Boyfriend Material” to Any Woman
Imagine being able to “peer inside the minds” of the amazing women you’ve always wanted… And realize you’re already the perfect match for them.

Imagine intuitively knowing things like:

  • How to generate magnetic confidence women feel just from being around you
  • When–and when NOT to approach a girl—so you become rejection-proof.
  • How to find the girl of your dreams FAST—without wasting time dating girls who aren’t for you.
  • Always handle yourself in a naturally attractive way around women… without having to think or do anything except be YOU.
  • Avoid competition from other men by being “a league above the rest” (remember—you don’t need money, looks, or anything else to do this.)
  • Now I wouldn’t put all this effort into a program to get you “just any” girlfriend. When you Join Me in The Dating Classroom, you’ll discover how to get…

The Exact Girlfriend YOU’VE Always Wanted.

Whatever your “criteria.” Whether you know what you want now, or want to date 10 or 20 women to find a good “fit.”

(Most guys DO end up doing that – and have a lot of fun along the way!)

The Dating Classroom trains you to screen women with the highest possible efficiency… so you’ll meet “her” – THE girl for you – FAST. And with 100% confidence.

Whether you want a girl who:

  • Is beautiful and attractive physically
  • Makes sex—and your sexual needs—a priority in your relationship
  • Treats you with respect and dignity in every situation—even if you’re in a disagreement.
  • Supports you unconditionally in moments of hurt, loss, or pain just to BE with you.
  • Is faithful and loyal because she truly loves YOU.
  • Makes you a better person.
  • Does sweet, caring things for you—like cook you a special dinner when you’re having a bad day.
  • Or anything else you can imagine…

…my proprietary screening systems and dating blueprints – that took me YEARS to develop – will set you up to date the girls You Desire MOST.

You’ll find and attract the girl of your dreams with Dating Classroom faster than you ever thought possible.

(Instead of spending years—or even decades—doing it by trial and error.)

How much time would you save if you could Find Her Right NOW?

How much frustration, toxic relationships and life-shortening emotions would you avoid?

Come to think about it, how much MONEY would you save?

Quick results are just one of the MANY benefits you get when you arm yourself with the Dating Classroom For Men.

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Here’s The Proof
“The best part is learning from a woman directly about what women want and need to feel attraction.”

The Attraction Method is an easy to follow guide with strategies, helpful tips and action steps. The best part is learning from a woman directly about what women want and need to feel attraction. Before reading this about this formula, I had no idea how to attract women. I either didn’t pursue at all or I would end up in the dreaded friend zone. Not anymore. Thanks Diana.

-Alex R., NY, NY

“This is an entire blueprint dedicated to every aspect of the attraction process .”

Diana truly nailed it again with The Attraction Method. This is a super comprehensive, deep look into how to be the best version of yourself, understanding women, how to attract women easily, building rapport and how to nail the first kiss and so on. This is an entire blueprint dedicated to every aspect of the attraction process. This is a no brainer guys.

-Jason S., Miami, FL

“ I have three dates lined up in the next week.”

Having the female perspective when it comes to dating is what us guys need. For anyone who doesn’t know, Diana is the real deal when it comes to dating for men.

This is not only amazing value for the price but the information is clear, it’s easy to follow and allows you to take action immediately. I implemented what I learned in this book when I went out last night and I have three dates lined up in the next week.

-John F., Houston, TX

“I was blown away by The Attraction Method within about 3 minutes.”For those of us who struggle with creating attraction with women and let’s be honest- most of us could use a lot of help- this is a must read. Diana includes strategies, tips, dating tools and even mindset tricks so there’s no need to struggle on your own anymore.

-Brad C., Philadelphia, PA

Member Benefit #1: Monthly “Boyfriend Installation” Guides

Every month, this guide gives you a step-by-step blueprint on how to install a core confidence, attractiveness, and “boyfriend mindset” into your brain and behavior forever.

These are specifically engineered to affect you at a core level. From your first guide, you’ll start seeing the women you want treat and respond to you more positively.

Using these guides, you’ll:

  • Unleash your inner potential and become successful FAST.
  • Rewire the way you think, feel, and act for CORE self-esteem.
  • Embrace the unknown and venture boldly into uncertain situations—with zero doubts.
  • Stop being ignored, rejected, and misunderstood by other people.
  • Command the attention of women and the respect of men wherever you go.
  • Never miss an opportunity with an amazing woman… or forever wonder what “could have been”
  • Cultivate the type of worldview and reality women instinctively respond to.

And SO MUCH more!

(You’ll get proven procedures each and every month for being the type of guy women meet and immediately pray to God you’re single – so they can have a chance to get to know you).

Best of all, “Installing” these guides into your brain only takes a few minutes per day, and the results are permanent.

Member Benefit #2: Monthly Action & Strategy Guides

You’ll get step-by-step, actionable content for taking your new mindset and putting it into the world. After all—what good is an amazing, girlfriend-attracting attitude if you never leave your house to put it to use?

So, yes, I’m giving you “assignments” to help you benefit from this material. My students routinely tell me it’s the most fun  they’ve had in years completing them!

It’s all designed to solidify your girlfriend-getting behavior into your brain for GOOD—by complementing the “internal” lessons with your “external” everyday life.

You’ll Get exciting and unique experiences with women.

You’ll Make new friends in ways you didn’t know existed.

You’ll Feel what it’s like to be a leader others look up to.

You’ll Defy old limits on the type of girlfriend you can attract.

You’ll See visceral proof in the real world that you don’t need anything outside of YOU to attract a woman.

Member Benefit #3: LIVE “Ask-Me-Anything” Sessions

When you’re making changes this profound, you’re going to have the most questions and require the most support. I make it My Job To Remove ALL Obstacles that may hold you back from the girl you deserve.

Each month I’ll get on a Reddit-style “Ask Me Anything” session just for current Members of the Art Of Dating Academy For Men.

Ask me anything!

  • Get direct clarification about mindsets, strategies, or tools you’ll learn inside the A.O.D. Academy
  • Get feedback or a second opinion on real-life situations you may encounter.
  • In short, I’ll make sure you always know what to do to get the dating results you most desire.

Member Benefit #4: LIVE Interactive “Office Hours” Webinars With Me!

For more in-depth and personalized questions, you’ll also get a monthly “Office Hours” webinar – where I’ll be live on camera answering your questions. You can chat with me live over audio or text, and we’ll personally remove any hesitation you may have to getting the girlfriend you’ve always wanted.

Get immediate, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you may encounter during this transformational process.

Have a full, back and forth, real-time conversation with me about any specific problem you encounter until it’s completely resolved.

These Webinars Are Absolutely Perfect for times when you require more extensive “helping hand”.

Member Benefit #5: Members-Only Mastermind

You’ll join our exclusive Facebook community—an entire network of like-minded guys just like you–who are focused on your goals and outcomes, often in your same exact situation.

I’ve brought all of you together in one place so you can

  • Network and support each other, and have someone to bounce ideas off of during this journey.
  • Make friends, develop connections as you grow together, get an accountability partner—even potential business connections—to keep you focused and moving forward.
  • Get your questions answered in the group. Often, I pop in to see what’s up (and my team of experts are moderating, too).
  • Get quick and direct feedback, critiques, and new perspectives and outlooks on your specific struggles and situations
  • Tap into a vast pool of combined resources only available when a group of guys focusing on the same goals comes together like this.

Member Benefit #6: Monthly Technique Videos

You’ll get high-level videos that take you by the hand and show you exactly how to become a boyfriend that exceeds every girl’s expectations.

Each month is a new subject, and sometimes I’ll even bring in world-renowned experts to help show you the ropes.

I’ll guide you on subjects like:

  • Confidence For Magnetic Charm With Women
  • Approaching Any Woman You Want
  • Understanding Women—And “Seeing Inside” A Woman’s Brain
  • Building Attraction & Flirting Properly
  • Sexual Mastery Inside & Outside Of A Relationship
  • Reading A Woman’s Hidden Body Language To Find Out If She’s Interested In You
  • Giving A First Impression That Sets You Up For Future Success
  • Logical, Emotional, & Sexual Conversation Skills

Member Benefit #7: Private, Tell-All Interviews From Women’s Perspectives

You’ll receive private, “closed door” interviews I do with highly attractive and “hard to reach” women. I specifically instruct them to talk about the things women DO NOT talk about in front of men.

You’ll hear from a diverse range of beautiful women— and learn their “inside” perspectives on how they interpret different guys’ approaches, what they do wrong, and what makes them fall head-over-heels in LOVE.

This one module alone will be worth 10 times the tiny price you are about to pay so you can Be Part of This!

It’s the most advanced training portion of Dating Classroom For Men… this will give you advanced training for KEEPING girls attracted, and understanding them on a level most guys never will:

  • Discover how the exact type of girls you desire think, operate, and make decisions about who to be with—so there’s no guesswork when you meet them in real life.
  • Uncover the worst (but AVOIDABLE) mistakes some guys make on a daily basis—and how you can side-step each one with the grace of a very manly swan.
  • Get inside the mind of new women with the release of each interview.
  • Learn how to quickly transition from the initial meet, to date, to boyfriend with the girl you want almost instantly.
  • Debunk the biggest and most widespread myths and beliefs about dating and women that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Get Everything for 2 FULL Months at HALF Price!

Yes, for an EXTREMELY limited time, Your investment is only $97. Or as my girlfriends like to call it…

A “Twofer”

Here’s Why I’m Making This Ridiculously Generous Offer

My normal private training is anywhere from $1500 – $10,000 and I understand that isn’t always realistic for everybody. I designed Dating Classroom to be accessible to everyone.

Including You.

I know once you experience the value inside the Dating Classroom, Especially in the first 60 days, you’ll be excited to continue your life-changing journey with me, get the girlfriend you’ve always wanted AND the ongoing relationship advice you’ll need to keep your success going strong!

By giving you a FULL 50% Discount Right Now I know I am making It beyond easy To Say Yes To Yourself.

What Happens After 60 Days?

After you experience the incredible value of Dating Classroom, My sincere hope is that you’ll consider choosing me as your dating mentor, and stay involved with the Art Of Dating Academy.

Once you begin to see the positive results in your life, especially in the first 60 days, My guess is wild horses couldn’t keep you away.

Truth is, I am pretty good at this stuff, Frankly, I’m liking my odds here..

If not, I understand – just cancel before your 60 days is up and you’ll receive a full refund with no headaches, no heartaches and no shenannigans.


When You DO love Dating Classroom though (which I think you will), You’ll automatically be renewed at the highly discounted rate of just $97/month. 

Remember When I Said Earlier Spots Are “Extremely Limited”?

I wasn’t kidding.

This is a small and exclusive program and for good reason..

I am doing this for the “good guys” out there who have to compete with the polished “pickup artists” and slicksters who seem to get all the good ones before you even have a shot.

If there were thousands upon thousands of members in Dating Classroom, I have ZERO doubt the “pickup crowd” would weasel their way in.

And as a woman myself, I am NOT putting this kind of power in THOSE hands.

So, small group it is, and super limited availability is an unfortunate side effect.

And we have arrived at the moment of truth, the “crossroads”…

Choose one path, and sink back into the pit of uncertainty, awkwardness and living on the sliver of hope that somehow your perfect mate will just stumble into your lap.

I want to be the one to be a TRUE friend and ask “Seriously, what are the odds”?

Conversely, You could do the new thing, take the path that leads to You Getting What You Want Most In The World.

As you Make The Right Decision, Just remember…

The true definition of insanity is when you do what you’ve always done and expect anything but the same results you’ve always got…

Choose Well, Sweetie. I’ll See You On The Inside…

Art Of Dating Exclusive Membership

Two Months For The Price Of Just One!

Then $97/Month

  • “Boyfriend Installation” Guides
  • Action & Strategy Guides
  • Video Modules On Each Topic
  • Reduced Rate On All Future Products
  • Access To Members-Only Mastermind
  • “Ask-Me-Anything” Sessions
  • In-Depth Hand-Holding Videos
  • Interactive Personal Webinars
  • Tell-All Interviews With Beautiful Women
  • Personalized Feedback On Your Approaches

So if you’re serious about learning my closely-guarded secrets that that will get high quality women you want attracted to you and hanging on your every word, then please click on the Add To Cart button below to get started. You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the attraction guide.

If you need to justify the expense, skip going to the movies just once this month.
 And to sweeten the pot, if you order now, you also get…

A chance to win a 30 minute private call with me to discuss your dating life with action steps to give you immediately!

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30 day money back guarantee
60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

Secure payments through PayPal…

P.S. – if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… you’re getting access to my extensive resource library full of my proprietary PDFs, videos, and trainings on becoming the type of guy who can get any girlfriend he wants, at any time. Ever.

The Attraction Method by Diana Mandell
If you’re still reading this and wondering what the catch is, it’s this: There are…
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If you’re still reading this and haven’t clicked the Add To Cart button yet, here’s something that should put your over the edge…

I’m only going to sell 1000 copies of the attraction guide for $27. After that the price is going to more than double, then triple.

I’m guessing you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. So please click the Add To Cart button right now to get INSTANT ACCESS to this special attraction guide.

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The Attraction Method by Diana Mandell

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Today Only $27

Here’s what you do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the Big Red Button below:

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Diana Mandell

P.S. You get more usable information in this attraction guide than you will in reading dozens of courses or articles on the Internet. This is the exact same information that my private clients have paid thousands of dollars for. Plus, it’s back by TWO rock-solid guarantees. This is an easy decision to make. Order NOW while it’s fresh on your mind.

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of The Attraction Method Formula For Just $27

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