3 Dating Mistakes Which Are Sabotaging Your Love Life

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“Diana is an amazing, dedicated coach who wants results for her clients. She is supportive but she also challenged me in a really good way, when I needed it. I was dating women who weren’t good for me, I wasn’t happy. I was ready to find someone great and that wasn’t happening. I was 42 and sick of perpetually dating. I worked with Diana for a few months and started dating an amazing woman who I am still dating and happy with 6 months later.
-Samuel B., Phoenix, AZ

“I was referred to Diana by a friend of mine who had great results. I was sick and tired of always striking out with women and not having the kind of girlfriend I wanted. Working with Diana helped me become the kind of man I wanted to be but didn’t know how to be. My whole life improved. I’m more confident, more decisive, I’m happier, I lost some weight, I have a better job now and my dating life is consistent and exactly where I want it. I can’t recommend Diana enough.”

– Henry G., Malibu, CA

“When I started working with Diana, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never done anything like this before but Diana is sharp and really good at what she does. She’s patient, she made herself accessible to me, she really harps on getting her clients results and I really appreciate that. She really cares. I now have a girlfriend of 5 months and she’s really great.”

Pete F., AUS

“I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had because of Diana. She doesn’t just coaching with surface level stuff, she gets to the heart of the issue and she creates a personalized plan for each client and you both execute. She is willing to do so much for her clients. She helped me gain confidence, we roleplayed together for me to get over my approach anxiety, we screenshared on my online dating so she not only helped me create a great online profile, she helped me with messaging and selecting women to date. She made the process super fluid and easy. I can’t say enough good things about Diana. Without her, I don’t know where I would be.”

Ron L., New York, NY

“Diana is like your best girl friend and wingwoman rolled into one. She explains everything women related, since most of us men clearly don’t speak the language. She simplified the dating process and gave me the motivation and techniques to better myself and put myself out there. If you get a chance to work with Diana, do it.”

Jake S., Franklin, TN

“I came across Diana from a podcast I listened to and I instantly knew I wanted to work with her. She’s smart, funny, caring. Without sounding corny, she changed my life. I was living a very mediocre life and I knew things needed to change. Diana helped me with all areas of my life, not just dating and we improved each area together. She’s the best out there.”

Paul W., Brookline, MA