False ceiling

Your limiting beliefs and fears help create your ceiling, so don’t be upset when you keep bumping your head. 

You have to set the bar as high as possible for yourself and not bring it down several, or even a few notches because you feel selfish wanting that, because you don’t think you will ever achieve that, because you don’t feel worthy of having it or anything less would be considered failure in your eyes. 

Own what it is that you want and make no apologies for it.

Getting clear on what you want is not something most people take the time to do. 

If you’re going to take the time to identify what it is that you want and you ignore it or water it down, this is you giving up on what you truly want and you cap your true potential and push down your desires and you’re doing it to yourself. 

Take a moment and identify what you want in your life right now. Give yourself the permission to have it and create a plan to get to that destination as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

Life is about designing your life that you desire and then creating opportunities to make that happen. 

Continue to set the bar as high as possible in all areas of your life in order to surpass what you ever thought was possible for you. It’s truly a feeling that you can’t describe. Allow yourself the chance to experience that also. 

These desires and goals should be set by you and for you only. Don’t let other people influence you to do or not do something, this is your life and you need to live it everyday. 

Only you have the magic to identify what it is you want. You’re in control. You say who, you say when and you say what. This is amazing power. 

Instead of being envious of other people for having what you want, knowing that it’s possible to have something should be the motivation you need to start working towards whatever that thing is. 

If it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for you. This is your responsibility. Don’t quit until you have it, whether it’s one thing or ten things. 

The sky is the limit. Go for it. 

What is it that you want?

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