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“I’m a fairly well known dating coach and matchmaker. Diana and I met at a networking event and became friendly. We started to go to lunch every month. We would talk about work and we would talk about our personal lives. Diana and I got closer and closer, she even invited me to her wedding. It was hard for me to help other people with their dating life but not being able to make good decisions in my own life. I would often date guys who were non-committal and then wonder why it didn’t work out. I wasn’t confident in my decision to date (or not date) men. I would sometimes hook up with my ex-boyfriend who was actually a jerk. At one of our lunches, I asked Diana for help. Let me start off by saying, and this is coming from someone who has been in the industry for 15 years, Diana is amazing. She is such a gifted coach. Her strong intuition coupled with her profound understanding of human behavior and relationships makes her a true expert in the dating space. Diana have this amazing ability to be compassionate and empathetic, yet she doesn’t sugar coat anything. She’s able to quickly get a read of a situation and give relationship advice that is SPOT on. I have consulted with several dating coaches and she is by far the best!! Seeing Diana and her husband at their wedding, watching him cry as he walked down the aisle, the vows the two of them shared, I’ve been so inspired by her love story. Diana’s coaching is one of the best I have seen on the market and I know everything that’s out there. Not only did her coaching change my way of thinking about myself and dating, it gave me a step by step guide to follow, which made it all so much less confusing and overwhelming, it also kept me accountable. I can’t thank Diana enough. I have been hiding it from Diana but I guess it’s time to share- I’m dating a really great guy, it is new so I don’t want to get too excited but he is so different from any other guy I have ever dated. He’s so nice and he always puts the effort in with me. I can’t tell you how happy I am and it’s all because of Diana.  I will never be able to thank you enough, Diana.”

-Hillary R., New York, NY

This is hard for me to talk about but if it helps another woman get out of pain, I’m willing to do it. I was in a 5 year relationship. This was a toxic, very unhealthy relationship filled with emotional abuse and cheating. I used to be happy go lucky, I was calm and fairly confident and because of this relationship, I avoided mirrors because I’m so ashamed of what has happened to me. I lost myself completely. My whole identity was him. My whole life was him. I was a shell of the woman I used to be. I was completely defeated and had lost hope not only for me to improve upon myself, but also that good men even exist. I still had emotional and physical ties to my ex which didn’t help my state of mind or my ability to set myself free and move forward. My pain was oozing out of her pores. I cried all the time. After working with Diana, I made significant strides- I had dealt with my fear and resentment, I moved on fully from my ex and began to value myself. It took some time and wasn’t always easy, but I did it. I began dating a guy I went to high school with, I recently got engaged (yay!) and I’ve never been happier. I’ve referred two of my best friends to Diana because I love her that much. If you’re wondering whether you should work with Diana, honestly, do it. She helped pick me off the ground and she saved me.”

-Rachel S., Miami, FL

“I thought I was too old, not thin enough and not attractive enough to put myself out there and find a good guy who would want to be with me. I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by the idea of putting myself out there that I avoided dating for probably about 10 years. After working with Diana, who I adore, I gained confidence, which was way overdue, I started putting myself out there (which at first was scary) and now I’ve been dating a really good guy who buys me flowers for no reason, who leaves me post it notes on my pillow and tells me how lucky he is to be with me every single day. I’m feel blessed. Diana is an angel and I’m so grateful for her and her help.”

-Lauren N., UK

“I had been dating for ten plus years and I’ve been on over 100 first dates. I was confused as to why men would either ghost me or lose interest in me very quickly. Men would be very interested in me initially and then pull away just as quickly. I tried for years to figure things what I was doing wrong and she failed every time. I literally did everything I could think of. I came across Diana, I got a good vibe and trusted my gut. Everything started to change for me. I learned so much from Diana about myself, what I wanted, who I am, about men, the dating process, certain patterns I didn’t know I was repeating. I learned A TON. I’m dating a great guy who I’ve been with for six months now. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I’m constantly growing and things are getting better and better for me.”

-Caitlin M., Beverly Hills, CA

“I was referred to Diana from my close friend. I came to Diana frustrated. I felt I was constantly getting mixed signals from guys. Is he just flirting or is he really interested in me? When will he text? Should I play hard to get or be more direct? Is he a good guy? I worked with Diana, a little apprehensive and not sure what to expect but I was fully committed and ready to make a change, I never felt enough, and I tried overcompensating which didn’t work. Guys didn’t respect me because I didn’t respect herself. I allowed men to give 10% effort, I allowed men to manipulate me and tell me what she wanted to hear. For the first time, I actually started enjoying dating because I’m attracting men who are consistent, nice and want to be in a relationship. I’m so much more myself, I’m relaxed, I’m confident. My friends have noticed a difference in me. I’m genuinely happy for probably the first time in my life. I’m taking my time and making the best choices for me. Without Diana, no one this would have been possible. Without sounding corny, Diana saved my life.”

-Beth S., Milton, GA

“I didn’t have a problem getting attention, attracting men or even meeting men. The problem I had was that I couldn’t meet the men that I wanted to meet. The men I was most attracted to weren’t attracted to me. What was first annoying, become hurtful and really frustrating. I worked with Diana to help me figure out what the problem was and what I could do about it. Diana is nurturing, kind, smart, relatable and trustworthy. She helped me get out of the loneliness and pain I was in and helped me figure out how to attract the guys I really wanted to date. I’m now dating the best guy ever and that never would have been possible without Diana. She’s the best in the business.”

-Fran R., Livingston, NJ

“Diana is THE BEST. I’ve been in therapy on and off my whole life and Diana did more in a few months than any other therapist has done in years. Diana really cares about her clients, she always overdelivers, she has a great personality and she has this amazing ability to make me comfortable. She knows how to coddle me and when to push me. She reads people well and she connects the dots like I’ve never seen. I honestly love Diana, if you can’t tell by now. I will always be one of her biggest fans. She’s changed my life.”

-Tanya A., Austin, TX

“To me everyone is born with a gift and Diana’s gift is coaching. I came to Diana in a lot of pain. My boyfriend dumped me, and I couldn’t seem to bounce back from it no matter what I did. Diana helped me through the entire grieving process and helped me learn the lessons from the relationship, get to problems which were below the surface- some worthiness issues, self sabotage, residue from my childhood. We worked through all of it to get me to a better place and let me tell you, my life completely changed. I’m happier, more motivated, I’ve lost weight, I have so much more clarity, I don’t hold all the pain from my past. I understand myself better, my defense mechanisms, why I was so stuck for so long and how to get unstuck. Diana is darn good at what she does, she really cares and will not stop until you’re in the best place you can be.”

-Dana D., Dayton, OH

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Do men approach you yet don’t seem to take the relationship to the next level? Or really step up into full commitment with you?

Deep down do you feel that you aren’t enough or that you’re not worthy of meeting and keeping a high quality, amazing partner?

Well, I have really great news for you…

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Whether your recently single or have been single for years, whether you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere, I can help you turn your love life around quickly and permanently. 

I help you work through and release deep seated fears of intimacy and blocks to lasting love. 

I help my clients shift their love lives and relationships incredibly quickly and watch as their dream man appears in their lives fast, or a distant, withdrawn man feels reignited in attraction and pursuit. 

You can go from feeling lonely, anxious and unsafe in love to feeling confident, radiant, more beautiful than ever while being passionately pursued by high quality men and having more quality options than you can choose from. 

If my clients, who were exactly where you are were able to transform their love lives every week, so can you! 

You don’t have to work so hard at love. I help you discover the secrets to attracting lasting love with ease, while having a great time every step of the way!  

In this FREE Relationship Clarity Call, I help you:

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