Successful professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs seek me out to help them improve all relationships in their lives.

I begin with a life audit exploring the personal and the business side of your life with very specific, pointed questions. From there, I create a plan, which we review together to target the weaker areas and strengthen the strong areas.

The goal is to have peace at home and success in business.

Some of the areas of focus:
Inner core confidence
Relational concerns
Healing childhood wounds
Self awareness
Emotional intelligence

Business maturity
Leadership and emotional intelligence
Networking, Partnerships and investing
Team building: creating and maintaining cohesion, loyalty and impact

I realized I had a knack for relational dynamics for as long as I can remember. I was always the person that people came to for relationship advice, even before high school. I was the intermediary for every relationship thing going on, I was really good at that but then I realized that actually I wanted to go so much deeper than most of the industry do.

As I continued helping people, I recognized that people didn’t understand the mechanics behind why they would engage in certain patterns or why they would attract certain types of people. I decided to get my undergraduate degree in psychology and my graduate degree in psychotherapy.

After graduate school at Fordham University, I started specializing in helping singles and couples. I absolutely love what I do, it’s rewarding and fascinating, but here’s one of the things I learned along the way. Everybody that I met through my work who worked in the corporate space, what was happening in their relationships, both inside and outside work, had a direct effect of how successful they were.

Not only did I see issues arising in the corporate space, I grew with successful entrepreneurs on both sides of my family and I saw the gap and holes they were experiencing both personally and professionally, that they were unable to see.

I realized the more I looked at the corporate world, they hadn’t recognized that. They hadn’t seen that there is a direct correlation between how successful you are and how successful your relationships are, so I set about designing a program where I go into help corporates fix these relationships quickly using my training, my knowledge and my personal superpowers to make sure that you can achieve all the success and all the wealth that they want by having successful foundational relationships that work.

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