Do you find attracting beautiful women a challenge?

Do you find attracting beautiful women a challenge?

I have dedicated my entire career to helping great men find and keep amazing and healthy relationships with women they once thought were out of their league.

There are several factors that go into attracting beautiful women and they pertain to strengthening your mindset, being comfortable in your own skin and knowing who you are and not apologizing for it.


The number one thing that women look for the most in a man is confidence, yet it’s the number one thing that men suffer from the most.

Confidence is accepting yourself fully for exactly who you are as you do your best to constantly improve in all areas of your life. Confidence is not something you were either born with having magical DNA or you’re screwed forever.

Think of it like a muscle that you strengthen and build over time.

Inner core confidence stays with you no matter what happens to you externally.

Let’s not confuse confidence for arrogance. Arrogance is thinking you are better than everyone else, being confident is thinking you are just as good as everyone else.

Core confidence is a confidence that allows you to take on a charismatic attitude around everyone.

You value your own opinion of yourself more highly than the opinions of others.

You determine your own value as a person by a criteria that is your own.

You know at a CORE level that whether you’re accepted by others or not—in any particular situation—is never a threat to your overall well-being.

You know what your best qualities are and that even when other people don’t see them or acknowledge them, you know very well that they exist. You don’t need other people to validate that.

You know you offer real value to people and if they don’t see it, that’s their issue—not yours.

You believe your life perspective and energy have inherent value whether other people acknowledge it or not.

The most important part is… 
You Don’t Tell People ANY Of That. 
You communicate it with all your actions your subtle behaviors, and your body language.

We all have confidence in certain areas and not in others. Explore what you’re good at, find your strengths, and take the reasons why you feel confident in those areas and bring those feelings into other parts of your life.

So how do you put all of this into practice?

It’s really easy to tell someone else to “just be you” and to “love yourself”, we’ve all heard it before.

The problem, is that no one tells us how to do it. The number one way to grow your confidence the fastest is to praise yourself a lot.

When you give yourself praise, this isn’t about telling yourself that you’re perfect because not only will you actually reject that idea, but love isn’t about perfection, or your looks, or money, or age- true love isn’t that superficial.


Having some edge and being a bit sassy shows you aren’t boring, your confident in your own skin and it lets her know that you will be keeping her on his toes.

Having that edge is what sets you apart from other men, it makes you memorable.

It’s putting together two traits that don’t normally appear together, which women will find desirable.

The same rules apply for what you look for in women, you want that nice woman with an edge, women want the same, it just looks a bit different in the two sexes. You are quirky and not afraid of being yourself, you let out your uniqueness.

I’ll give you an example of this concept.

If you go on dates with nine women who are all wearing white shirts and you go on a tenth date with a woman who is wearing a black shirt, automatically she is seen as different and potentially intriguing.

You are going to remember that girl in the black shirt.


Because she stood out, because she was different. This is exactly why edginess matters.

This edginess relates to you and your personality.

It’s what makes you…YOU. It’s not only being unapologetically you, it’s showing who you are and being your authentic self.

Without that edge, this could become routine, boring, without challenge, too easy and not perceived as high value.

Perceived value

Your value has to do with how you sell yourself, how you show your worth, it’s naturally showing how fulfilling your life is.

When you’re able to exude confidence, edginess and perceived value, this is a perfect combination for a woman to find you incredibly attractive.

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