Are they REALLY ready to commit to me?

Signs he is not that into you.

Many of us either have a fear of commitment or have a fear of dating someone with a fear of commitment. I get it, it’s not easy being vulnerable and putting your heart on the line.

Below are signs that someone is NOT ready to commit right now: 

They make you feel like a conquest 

They are overly charming

They are often in very short relationships 

They avoid meeting your friends and family 

They have introduced you to none or very few of the people who are significant in their life 

Their words and actions don’t align

They rarely open up to you and lower their defenses

They don’t encourage the relationship to grow

They choose to pursue people who aren’t their type 

They appear only worried about themselves and their needs

They don’t remember important details you share with them 

They don’t make you a priority in their life 

They don’t often talk about the future 

They don’t refer to you as “we” or a couple 

They’re push and pull with their emotions- one minute they’re really into you, the next they push you away 

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