3 Deadly Mistakes Most People Make In Relationships (And What To Do About Them)

We all make mistakes in relationships—and a majority of the time, we don’t even realize we’re making them.

Here are three of the deadly mistakes most people don’t even know they’re making—and how to turn them around to make your relationship incredible.

1. Taking your partner for granted

Taking our partners for granted generally doesn’t become an issue until months if not years in but it’s easy to slip into this mindset if we aren’t careful. This is definitely a relationship killer.

Show your appreciation and acknowledge your partners effort for the little and not so little things they do for you. The more you show your appreciation, the better your partner feels and the more often he or she will do nice things for you. Win win.

2. Decrease communication 

Some people are under the assumption that once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, there’s nothing new to say. Wrong. When you lessen the amount of communication between the two of you, your connection and lessens also.

You both need to create a safe space to open up and share what you’re thinking and feeling without hesitation or concern that you’ll be judged or that it can be held against you.

Set time apart with your partner with no interruption to check in about work, friends, family, anything internal and your relationship.

3. Trying to change your partner 

Changing your partner into whatever YOU want them to look like, act like or be like never works.

When you attempt to change someone, a couple things happen:

First, you’re clearly letting him or her know you don’t accept them for who they are. Second, they will either change and resent you for it, or they won’t change and you’ll up disappointed, frustrated and unhappy.

People have to choose to want to change, it comes from within. You wanting to change someone isn’t going to get them to want to do it.

You either need to accept you partner for who they are, keeping their not so good qualities and habits in mind—or you need to end your relationship.

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