Group Coaching

This is your opportunity to become apart of an awesome, exclusive community of men, who like you, want to find, date keep amazing, high quality women.

Diana specifically designed this program for men to reach their dating goals quickly yet successfully.

You will gain tremendous value and individual attention from not only Diana herself but from your peers as well.

The core of the program promotes supporting one another, gaining feedback, sharing experiences and learning from your peers.


This is a 12 week step by step strategy to discover the best shortcuts to avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong women. This program is specifically designed for men who are genuinely wanting to approach, attract and date amazing women.

Perks included in this program:

6 Exclusive Trainings with Diana

6 Private Q&A sessions

Unlimited Support From Your Peers

Diana’s Proven Step by Step Training Series

Lifetime Access to Exclusive Offers for Diana’s Programs

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will:

Have a NEW approach to dating that puts YOU in the driver’s seat…(where YOU get to decide WHO you want to date and WHEN)

When you meet and interact with a woman, you automatically say and do the “right” things to make her attracted and want to date you

Fully understand the simple way to escape the “friend zone” forever and make the ones you’re most attracted to see you as PURELY relationship material

Know EXACTLY what to do when you find your “dream woman” to make sure she CHASES YOU and not the other way around

How to create a meaningful connection that LASTS…where the attraction to you gets STRONGER over time and not weaker

AND…how to do ALL of this while being 100% genuine and authentic and finally enjoy dating!

Are you ready to stop struggling on your own and start enjoying your life with an amazing woman?

Join our community and explore strategies and concepts about the practical side of love.