Relationship Maintenance Checklist

Relationship Maintenance Checklist by Diana Mandell
Review these questions with your significant other to bring about meaningful and healthy discussion.  1. When I upset you, how would you like me to rectify the situation? 2. When it comes[...]
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Blast Through Some Dating Myths

Blast thru dating myths by Diana Mandell
1.    Men don’t like when women pursue them Men actually love when women pursue them, they think the take charge attitude is sexy and they appreciate the pressure not being o[...]
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Dating do’s and don’ts:

Dating Dos and Don'ts
Dating do's: 1.   Do be open to meeting men wherever you are Men are everywhere, keep your eyes open and stop missing great opportunities to interact and flirt with awesome guy[...]
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First date magic

Dating do's:         1. Do proper screen before a first date- Proper screening is a huge key to not wasting your time going on first dates that should never happ[...]
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How To get over a breakup

Breakups can be heartbreaking, regardless of the circumstances. Whether you knew the breakup was coming, if was your decision or not, you can still feel blindsided somehow. It’s the finality of it[...]
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Should I Get Back With My Ex?

An obvious question that pops into nearly every person’s head after a breakup is, should I get back together with my ex? There are two big questions to ask yourself. The first question: is this[...]
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Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex

As we know, not all relationships work out because not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Let’s begin by diving into your breakup itself and why you two broke up in the first place. Ev[...]
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Stop waiting

One of the biggest mistakes people make in any area of life is waiting. We wait for the perfect opportunity. The perfect situation. The perfect partner.  When it comes to the other people, we se[...]
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False ceiling

Your limiting beliefs and fears help create your ceiling, so don't be upset whe you keep bumping your head.  You have to set the bar as high as possible for yourself and not bring it down severa[...]
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