The Top 3 Reasons Why Women Love Shy Guys

Are you tired of seeing the women you’re interested in date jerks when you are the great guy who deserves to date them?

The jerks may seem like they have it made, but that’s just an illusion.

Truthfully most of these jerks are NOT in solid relationships.

Which brings me to something most men overlook…There are huge benefits to being the shy guy you are.

Women are looking to date good guys like you. Being sincere, genuine and trustworthy is key to building rapport with a woman which leads, in turn, to strengthening mutual attraction. This isn’t just me talking, science supports this very fact.

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Why Women Have A “Shy Guy Attraction Switch” Hardwired Into Their DNA

Based on evolutionary psychology, men with stronger preferences towards selfless or altruistic behavior are highly regarded. In fact, it’s a quality our ancestors specifically looked for in a mate.

The key is being the great guy you are while, at the same time, letting your inner badass out. You do have this within you, you just need to express them and incorporate them with your other positive qualities.

You do have this sexy side of you. When you combine that with being authentic and relate to women on an emotional level, you end up with an unstoppable combination.

Women are everywhere, which means opportunity is everywhere.

When you own your awesome you don’t second guess yourself, you easily know what to say and do and you generate attraction with ease.

How To Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness

The first step to realizing and feeling that attraction is to put yourself into situations where you can meet women who would you could potentially be compatible with.

For example, if you are looking for a woman who doesn’t drink, don’t go to a bar to potentially meet someone.

One of the reasons men have so much trouble attracting women is because men and women don’t look at, or comprehend, attraction in the same way.

Men are often initially attracted to a woman’s physical appearance. Men are actually wired to feel attraction for a woman based on fertility, health and youthfulness. This may be subconscious, but evolution shows us that a man is attracted to a woman who is likely to produce healthy children with good genes.

The #1 Thing Women Crave More Than Anything In A Man

Women look for and crave confidence in men yet most guys have trouble feeling and displaying core confidence. Confidence is mostly communicated through behavior. More specifically, the way you carry yourself, the way you act and speak. Your behavior can be tweaked with support, understanding and implementation.

A man’s ability to generate positive emotions to a woman will create powerful attraction. It’s not so much what he says but his delivery that matters so much more.

3 Easy Ways To Make Women Instantly Attracted To You

I have several techniques that I walk through with my clients. I’m going to start with you 3 examples of behaviors that can instantly make you more attractive to a woman.  This will get your started.

A lot of men worry about not knowing what to say.

These types of behaviors communicate a lot more about you, your dominance and social power, than your words ever could.


Eye contact is one of the most powerful connection builders. Most shy guys quickly break eye contact with attractive women because the tension makes them too nervous. Being able to comfortably look a woman directly in the eyes is a sign of a high status, dominant man.

One of the things I teach in my attraction framework, is a concept known as “the connection builder” establishing your powerful gaze.


Showing your true value through your body language and tone of voice are attraction cues women always look for. Displaying signs of approval seeking behavior show you are unsure of yourself and lack proper self-esteem.

For example, one of my successful clients used to slouch and when we improved the way he presented himself, women immediately started looking at him differently and he was no longer put in the friend zone.


Women look to men as part of their emotional security system. If you are fidgety, nervous, tense, or uncomfortable, she will become uncomfortable and, in turn, she will be turned off. When you are consistent and in control, women will feel more comfortable and will feel they can rely on you.


So, to review, we talked about the importance of confidence and mindset and this is something we dive deep into on the Attraction Formula.

This just scratches the surface on the things I work on with my private clients. Below is a link to a special guide with rock-solid information you need to start generating powerful attraction and easy interactions with women (that lead to dates). You can start using this information TONIGHT.

The Attraction Method by Diana Mandell

Get the ultimate formula for building intense attraction with beautiful women.

Click the button below to learn more.

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